What are Freezedry products suitable for?

Our freeze-dried products can be used:

  1. Appetizers,
  2. Desserts,
  3. When flavoring yogurt,
  4. For flavoring muesli, whole grain breakfasts and breakfast cereals,
  5. Porridges,
  6. In smoothies,
  7. In cocktails,
  8. When baking,
  9. In sauces and salads,
  10. As snacks
  11. And in many other ways… try it!
What is freeze-drying and how does it work?

Freeze-drying is the process of removing water from a frozen product in a vacuum using a phenomenon called sublimation – the conversion of water from a solid to a gaseous form. By using this method, cell breakage is minimal and the shape, appearance, odor, taste and nutritional value of the product are preserved.

What can be freeze-dried?

The freeze-drying method can dry almost anything with a moisture content. The main articles are berries, fruits and vegetables, ready meals, concentrates, herbs, mushrooms and shoots. If it is a unique product for which we do not have data, it is always possible to do a trial drying.

Why is freeze-drying necessary and where are products made in this way used?

Freeze-dried products are used in several different fields, the main ones being the food industry, but also the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. In retail, the main use is healthy and delicious amps as confectionery. Depending on the product and packaging, freeze-drying extends the shelf life of the product up to three years without compromising quality, which makes freeze-dried products very convenient to transport, store and use.