The story of Freezedry OÜ – about love for healthy food

Freezedry OÜ was born out of a love for healthy food, just as all great things can start with chance and need. In 2011, the founder of Freezedry OÜ, Mermi, was looking for freeze-dried strawberries from a retail network that would not have added sugar to add them to both muesli and breakfast cereals. Searches failed. So all that was left was to delve into the secrets of freeze-drying and learn to make perfectly freeze-dried strawberries yourself, which would have the original sweet taste and smell of Estonian strawberries. Today, we are the first and only factory in Estonia using freeze-drying technology.

Why use freeze-dried products?

Yogurt Seasoning
Muesli, Whole Grain Breakfasts and Breakfast Flakes
Sauces and salads

What is freeze-drying and how does it work?

Freeze-drying is the process of removing water from a frozen product in a vacuum using a phenomenon called sublimation – the conversion of water from a solid to a gaseous form.
This method minimizes cell breakage and preserves the shape, appearance, odor, taste and nutritional value.

Why freeze-drying and where are products made in this way?

Freeze-dried products are used in many different fields, the main ones being the food industry, but also the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.
In retail, the main use is healthy and delicious amps as confectionery.
Depending on the product and packaging, freeze-drying shelf life of up to three years without loss of quality, which makes the transport, storage and use of freeze-dried products very convenient.

What can be freeze-dried at Freezedry OÜ factory?

It turns out that anything with a moisture content can be freeze-dried. The main articles are berries, fruits and vegetables, ready meals, concentrates, herbs, mushrooms and shoots. In the case of a unique product for which we do not have data, there is always the option of trial drying.

Freezedry OÜ’s basic belief is that food must be:

  1. tasty
  2. healthy
  3. Preservative-free
  4. Provide positive emotion in addition to nutritional value.

Freezedry OÜ product development

All Freezedry OÜ MEKI brand products are developed and manufactured in a production building located in Simuna town, Lääne-Virumaa, Estonia.
The products are made in small batches and by checking the whole production process from start to finish we can be sure of we combine centuries of tried and tested Nordic flavors with innovative raw materials and production techniques.
We use only the highest quality raw materials from Estonia and elsewhere in our products.
As much as possible, we use Estonian raw materials because that’s what we know, feel and love the most. more.

Freezdry OÜ MEKI products are available in the following stores:


Tallinna Kaubamaja
Loodusvägi OÜ
Marjaveski OÜ
Fruit Xpress
Solarise toidupood
Aldari Sadamaturg
Roserya OÜ
Convi Food
Sweets OÜ
Lasnamäe Maksimarket
Laagri Maksimarket
Miiduranna Konsum
Viimsi Delice

Järve Selver
Kadaka Selver
Kakumäe Selver
Pirita Selver
Torupilli Selver
Peetri Selver


Tartu Kaubamaja


Pärnu Delice
Pärnu Maksimarket
Port Artur


Rakvere Maksimarket


Keila Selver


Saare Selver


Narva Konsum


Võru Konsum


Rapla Selver