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Freeze-drying is a process that removes water from a frozen product in a vacuum environment, using a phenomenon called sublimation – transition of liquid directly from the solid to the gas phase, without passing through the liquid phase. By the use of this method, the cellular degradation is minimal the shape, looks, aroma, flavor and nutritional value of the product remain intact.

Freeze-drying method can be applied to nearly anything with a moisture content.
Main articles are berries, fruits and vegetables, precooked meals, concentrates, herbs, spices, mushrooms and sprouts.
There is always a possibility for a test-drying when dealing with a product that is unique and has no previous data.

Freeze-dried products are applied in many different fields, mainly food-industry, but also in cosmetics and pharmaceutical purposes.
On the retail market the main purpose is a healthy and tasty snack instead of sweets filled with artificial sweeteners.
Depending on the product and packaging, freeze-drying extends the best before date up to three years without any loss in quality which makes the transport, storage and usage of freeze-dried products very comfortable.

Seal firmly after use. All MEKI products are in reclosable packages.

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