Spirulin powder 100g


No added sugars or sweeteners
The plant has not lost its nutritional value during freeze-drying

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What does the product contain? Mek’s freeze-dried spirulina buffer consists entirely of the spirulina plant. Meki spirulina powder stimulates your whole body with a very high protein content, prevents allergies, strengthens the immune system, helps prevent an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and protects against cancer. Dried spirulina contains 60% protein. How do I use it? Meki spirulina powder is ground into a fine flour, which makes it convenient to add to foods or smoothies. Spirulina can be mixed into smoothies, yoghurt, salad dressings, soups or other foods. As its taste is unusual for many, it is worth mixing it with foods that hide it. Freeze-drying has been used to process the Spirulina plant, which means that all the valuable nutrients in the root have been retained. As a result, Meki spirulina powder is a great way to provide a huge amount of nutrients to your smoothies and other foods.

Average nutritional value 100g
Energy 1361kJ / 325kcal
Carbohydrates 26.8g
including sugars 3.5g
Including sugars 64.4g
Fats 8.6g
Including saturated fatty acids 3g