Meki honey with blueberry and lingonberry 120g


Used Estonian honey
Freeze-dried blueberry and lingonberry powder
Available in 120g and 220g jars Check it out here!

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Ingredients and Properties

Meki blueberry and lingonberry honey is produced by Estonian men. Cranberry powder obtained by freeze-drying is also added to add flavor and nutrients, thus preserving the nutritional value of the fruit.

In addition to its great taste, there are also hugely useful properties. It strengthens the immune system and digestion and has antifungal, viral and bacterial effects.

Blueberry is good for the eyes due to the antioxidants they contain.
Pohl is very rich in manganese, zinc, chromium, silicon and other elements, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body. Maintains digestion and is anti-inflammatory.