Freeze-dried raspberry chips 35g


Rich berry flavor
A healthier replacement for a regular cookie
Made from freeze-dried raspberry powder

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Ingredients and Properties Meki raspberry chips have a pleasant berry taste. Unlike regular biscuits, Meki berry biscuits are made from freeze-dried berry powder, as a result of which they also contain vitamins and minerals in the berries. In addition to the good taste of raspberry berries, they are also very medically effective. Raspberries are a vitamin-rich berry, have a healing effect and also play an important role as a medicinal plant rich in calcium, potassium, sugars, organic acids, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, and vitamins A, B and C. Nutrition Information

Average nutritional value 100g
Energy 1347 kJ / 322kcal
Carbohydrates 61,10g
Including sugars 45,2g
Proteins 3,9g
Fats 1,6g
Including saturated fatty acids 0,1g
Weight 35 kg