Collagen smoothie with c-vitamin 500g


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What does the product contain? Meki freeze-dried collagen smoothie contains collagen and c-vitamin Whole fruits have been used, which means that our powder contains cream, seeds and pulp. How to use it? Meki health smoothie is ground into a fine flour, which makes it convenient to make a delicious smoothie. Freeze-drying has been used to process the fruit, which means that all the valuable nutrients in the plant have been retained. Due to this, the Meki collagen smoothie is very tasty.

Average nutritional value 100g
Energy 1123,1kJ/268,5 kcal
Carbohydrates 60g
Including sugars 36,1g
Protein 18g
Fats 2,2g
Including saturated fatty acids 0,3g

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