Chicken teriyaki 100g


Freeze-dried chicken teriyaki
Only water
needs to be added to the food
Convenient travel food

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Packages must be hermetically sealed after use.

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Ingredients and properties

Meki freeze-dried meals are healthy home-made foods that only need water to prepare. With freeze-drying technology, we are able to preserve the nutrient value, smell and taste of food, increasing the shelf life of food to 2 years. Only domestic ingredients are used in our food and it is preservative-free.

Rice, chicken fillet, peas, mushrooms, paprika, onion garlic, oil, soy sauce, soybean, sugar, calcium, sodium, sweet chilli sauce, red chilli, pepper, acetic cornstarch, honey, rice wine vinegar, salt, sesame seeds, cumin seeds
Preparation time: 8 min.