Cherry powder 100g


100 grams of freeze-dried powder was made from 741 grams of fresh berries
No sugars or sweeteners added
Cherries are rich in various vitamins and minerals
The berry has not lost its nutritional value during freeze-drying

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Packages must be sealed after use.

What does the product contain? Meki freeze-dried cherry powder consists entirely of berries. Whole cherries have been used, which means that our powder contains berry peel and flesh. Cherry has many good qualities. They are rich in carotene, vitamin C, boron and a group of powerful antioxidants – anthocyanins – which are excellent protection against cancer. It has been found that one of the antioxidants they contain (cyanide) can prevent mutations that lead to cancer and prevent the uncontrolled proliferation of cancer cells that have already developed. In addition, cherries are one of the few sources of melatonin, a useful hormone for improving sleep duration and quality. How do I use it? Mek cherry powder is ground into a fine flour, which makes it convenient to add to foods. Freeze-drying has been used to process the cherries, which means that all the valuable nutrients in the fresh berries have been retained. Thanks to this, Meki berry powders are a good way to give your smoothies and pastries a beautiful color, a pleasant berry taste and a huge amount of useful nutrients.

Average nutritional value 100g
Energy 1389kJ / 332kcal
Carbohydrates 66g
Including sugars 66g
Protein 6g
Fats 0g
Including saturated fatty acids 0g