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Born out of love for healthy food!

The story of Freezedry – born out of love for healthy and preservative-free food.


As with many things, the story of Freezedry OÜ starts as a combination of chance and necessity. Freezedry is born out of love for healthy and preservative-free food.
In 2011 the founder was on the search for freeze-dried strawberries in Estonian retail stores with the simple aim of adding extra sugar free flavor to breakfast.
The search failed. This prompted research into freeze-drying itself with the aim of creating perfectly freeze-dried strawberries that would retain the original sweet taste and smell of the Estonian strawberry.

What can one freeze-dry?

Essentially anything. Vegetables, herbs, berries, mushrooms, whole meals, crackers, seaweed, flowers – if it contains moisture, it can be freeze-dried. The cornerstone of Freezedry OÜ is the belief that food has to be:

  • tasteful
  • healthy
  • without unnatural preservatives
  • should offer a positive emotion to go along with the nutrition.

Product development

All Freezedry OÜ products are developed and produced in Estonia, in the factory situated in Lääne-Virumaa, Simuna.
The produce is created in small batches and since we have oversight over all of the processes in the production we can be sure of the quality and freshness.
In developing our products we rely on hundreds of years of tried and true nordic flavors combining them with new ingredients and methods.
We use only the finest quality raw materials from Estonia and abroad in our produce, but both know and love local produce the most.

Teenused Külmkuivatamine
Teenused Külmkuivatamine
Teenused Külmkuivatamine
Teenused Külmkuivatamine
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